MAC Taupe Lipstick

If you have been following my blog for a little while now, you probably already know that I love MAC lipsticks. MAC is one of my favorite brands to buy lipsticks from because the quality of them is amazing, and above that they are not extremely overpriced like some other high-end lipsticks on the market. So in this blogpost I’m going to be talking about the MAC lipstick in Taupe, which is quite a popular shade from MAC so I felt like I had to add it to my collection.

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The Color

The MAC lipstick in the color Taupe is described on the MAC website as the following: ”muted reddish-taupe brown”. So as the description already says, it’s definitely a brown lipstick. It goes very well in the Velvet Teddy and Whirl kind of color range, for those familiar with these shades. It does have quite a bit of an orange undertone, which I personally really like.

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The Formula

MAC Taupe has a matte formula, which generally are the kind of formulas that tend to dry out the lips fairly quickly. Personally I didn’t have any problem with this lipstick drying out my lips. Just make sure to moisturize your lips well before putting it on. The matte formula does make the lipstick stay on for quite a long time, so the lasting power is pretty good I’d say. The pigmentation of the lipstick is great, very similar to all of the other MAC lipsticks.

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The Packaging

The packaging is just like any other MAC lipstick. I think the MAC lipsticks have great packaging, because it looks very simple and minimal, which is right up my alley. And I feel like it’s very solid and firm, which I think is really important, because I always take the lipstick I’m wearing that particular day with me in my bag, and I feel totally comfortable with the idea of having a MAC lipstick in my little makeup bag because I know it won’t be damaged.

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… I really enjoy this lipstick a lot. I think it’s a perfect color for everyday wear, and the brownish color of the lipstick is really on trend at the moment, so if you’re willing to take part in that trend this is a good option, and I’d definitely recommend it!



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