5 Essentials For A Cozy Fall Day

When I think about fall, the word cozy straightly comes up in my mind. It’s the perfect time of the year to snuggle up on the couch on a cold and rainy day and get cozy. I came up with 5 essentials to make your cozy fall day even more cozy.


1. Hot Drinks


No cozy days without hot drinks. Hot chocolates, coffees, teas, whatever you prefer, it’s all perfect for a cold and rainy cozy fall day, to get nice and warm.

2. Candles


Candles are perfect to set the mood, and make your room look all cozy. You can even choose for fall scented candles so you’re room will smell amazing and fall-like.

3. Blankets


Wrapped up in a soft blanket, watching some netflix, the perfect setting for a cozy fall day, right?

4. Baking


I’m not really sure why, but baking makes me feel really cozy. First of all, it makes your house smell amazing, secondly in fall we can use as much cinnamon as we want, and most importantly we can eat it after baking it. And who doesn’t like home made cookies?

5. Fuzzy Socks


To keep your feet nice and warm, and they are super cute too!


Let me know what your essentials for a cozy day are in the comments!


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