10 Things Why You Should Be Excited For Fall

Fall is finally here, and as much as some people love it, there also are some who are not really that excited about it. But I personally am, and I think there are enough reasons to be excited about fall, because to me, it’s the coziest time of the year. So I came up with a list of 10 things why you should be excited for fall, and I hope every single one of you will be excited for the new season after reading this post!

1. Hot drinks


Fall means the weather getting colder and that means it’s time for hot drinks agains. From coffee to tea to hot chocolates, it’s all perfect for this time of the year. Oh, and let’s not forget about the pumpkin spiced lattes!

2. Sweaters


Being able to wear sweaters in the fall time again makes me so happy! They are super comfortable, super cute and super cozy!

3. Fall scented candles


Candles make your room look and feel super cozy, and will make your room smell amazing! Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle do some amazing fall scents!

4. Fall weather


The weather will start to get colder, and the leaves are starting to fall of the trees, which means beautiful colored leaves everywhere.

5. Cinnamon-flavored everything


We get to whip out our cinnamon again, and use it in everything possible! Especially baking with cinnamon in this time of the year is so good!

6. Cozy days in

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The fall weather is perfect for having cozy days inside with blankets, hot chocolates and netflix.

7. Dark nails


We can use all of our dark and vampy nail polishes again to complete your fall look.

8. Fall home decor


To make our rooms look even more cozy and fall-like, we can decorate it with some fall home decor. The pumpkins, leaves and candles are everywhere.

9. Dark makeup


We get to put on our dark vampy lipsticks again, with a smokey eye and some bold eyebrows, for the ultimate fall makeup look.

10. We’re getting closer to christmas


Fall is kind of the preparation for christmas, which is super exciting, because who doesn’t like christmas, right? Fall means we’re getting closer and closer to christmas time, and I know it’s early to talk about christmas, but I’m just super excited already and you should be too!






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