Hi everyone! Whenever the seasons change I like to switch up my nailpolish colors to match the current season. At the moment, it’s summer where I live, so to me that means colorful nailpolishes. Personally I really like pastel nailpolishes for the summer, because they’re not too bright but still give that pop of color. In this post I will show you guys my favorite nailpolishes for the summer time. I’ve chosen three of my favorite nailpolish brands and chose two perfect nailpolishes for the summer from each brand, so there’s a nice variety of colors and brands.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Bikini So Teeny – This is a beautiful pastel blue shade. Really pretty when you have a bit of a tan. Is has a slight shimmer to it, but nothing too crazy. A sparkling, cornflower blue.

Go Ginza – This is one of my all time favorites from Essie. It’s a beautiful pastel pink/purple. A soft cherry blossom pink.


Blueberry – As the name already says, this is a blueberry blue color. It’s slightly darker than Bikini So Teeny, and a bit less pastel like. So if you want to go for something a bit more bright, this is perfect!

Prickly Pear – This is one of my favorite nailpolishes ever, because this color is so unique. I can’t really find anything similar to this one. It’s a really cool lavender color. And again it’s pastel.


Pink Forever – This is a beautiful mid-tone pink color. I feel like every girl/woman should have a color like this in her collection, because it’s just a classic pink. I doesn’t have any shimmer, it’s just a fun classic pink.

Snow Me White – This is my favorite white nailpolish, because it’s really opaque. That usually is really hard to find in a white nailpolish. White nails look so incredibly beautiful with a tan on, because of the contrast between the light nails, and the darker skin. So perfect for summer!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

‘Swatches’ of all the colors, so you have an impression of what the colors look like!







  1. Love all these colours!! So springy 🙂 I’m loving the Essie Go Ginza and the Sinful Colours in Pink Forever. I haven’t heard of that company. Is Sinful Colours long wearing? Tal xo

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