Hi everyone! Recently I purchased two of the Teez Cosmetics blushes and I will share my thoughts on them today with you guys! Teez Cosmetics is a European makeup brand, so probably not everyone knows this brand. These two blushes are also my first products I’ve ever bought from Teeez, so I was really excited to try them out! I always love trying out new and different makeup brands!


I decided to get one powder blush (the left one) and one cream blush (the right one). The brush above the blushes is my favorite brush to apply blush with. This is the Artdeco blusher brush.




This is the Be Blushious blush in the shade Bronzed Rose, and this is the powder blush. I really like the packaging of this product, it’s very simple but very unique at the same time. It also contains a small mirror, which is always a plus. I really love this color so much! It’s a perfect neutral shade which goes with basically any makeup look. I also really looks amazing on top of a bronzer, because it’s kind of a bronzy shade. This shade has the slightest shimmer in it, but I would say it’s almost matte. It just has a bit of a sheen, but no big chunks of glitter whatsoever.




This is the Soft As Sin Cream Blush in the shade Flirty Pink. I have to say, I’m not in love with the packaging. I do like the golden color, but I don’t really like the images. The shade Flirty Pink is a bit more on the bright side. This shade doesn’t have any shimmers in it, so it’s basically a ‘matte’. But because of the cream formula it doesn’t come out matte on your cheeks.  Definitely a perfect shade for the summer!


The pigmentation of these blushes are really great! I really love the formula of these blushes. They are really easy to blend and apply very smoothly to the cheeks.


Overall, I can really recommend these Teeez blushes. The powder blush is my favorite out of the two because I absolutely love the colour of it, it’s the perfect bronzy blush!





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