Hi everyone! Today I have a bit of a different post for you guys. This is going to be about my trip to Rhodes. A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Rhodes for a week, mainly to relax after a very busy period with a lot of stress for exams. So it wasn’t a very adventurous vacation, but we still visited a lot of beautiful places that I would like to share with you!


For those who didn’t know yet, Rhodes is Greek island. It’s a very popular tourist destination in Europe. Rhodes has a lot of mountains, and is covered with forests of pine and cypress. I think Rhodes is absolutely beautiful! The seawater is really clear and blue, the beaches are beautiful, the people are nice, and there are a lot of beautiful old buildings in the city centre.



All of the pictures above were taken in the city centre of Rhodes. The city centre was one of my favorite places to go. There’s an older part of the city with beautiful old buildings and the famous medieval castle, called the Palace of the Grand Master. There’s also a newer part of the city with more modern shops, there even was a sephora! I was so surprised, I never thought there would be a sephora store on a small Greek island like Rhodes.




The photo above is taken at the Rodini Park, which is a really cool park in Rhodes. It’s very green here, and it has a swift flowing stream. I thought it was very relaxing to walk around in this park!




The pictures above were taken at one of my favorite beaches. This beach is located in the city  Kalithea, and it’s very near to the Kalithea Springs. The seawater here was so beautiful! The beach was also very quiet. There were just a few people here, so it wasn’t as touristic as other beaches, which I really like because sometimes touristic places can just get too busy.


We stayed in the city Faliraki, which is were the picture above was taken. I really liked staying in this city, there are a lot of nice places to eat, there’s a nice beach (this is one of the more touristic ones though), there are a lot of cute little shops, and there are a lot of bars and clubs so it’s also a very nice place for younger people, like me.


The cutest little dog! I literally wanted to take this dog home!


And a cute cat! There are so many cats wandering around in Greece. I think they’re really cute, but it’s actually quite sad that they don’t have a ‘home’.


I really enjoyed this vacation so much! I think Rhodes is an amazing place, and I would definitely recommend to go there!




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