Hi everyone! MAC recently came out with the Future MAC collection, which is a beautiful collection inspired by the future with only mineralize products. The collection contains lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushes, mineralize skinfinishes, and lustre drops. The mineralize skinfinish in the shade otherearthly immediately caught my eye, so I got it and I will share my thoughts on this product with you guys.



‘ A luxurious powder with 77-Mineral Complex that adds highlight to the face and body’

This is the description MAC gives of the mineralize skinfinishes. Basically, it’s just a highlighter. I like to apply this on the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow and on the brow bone, to give your face that beautiful glow.



This highlighter has a beautiful looking pattern, but the standard mineralize skinfinish packaging.  MAC often makes limited edition products look even better than the products from their ‘normal’ collection, which I think is really cool because it looks amazing in your makeup collection.


This highlighter contains three colors as you can see. A bronzy, a pinkish, and a white highlighter. I really like this, because it makes this one product a very multi-use product. You can take each color separately, or you can swirl them together.


The pigmentation of this highlighter is really good, as you can see in the swatches above. The last color on the right is a swatch of all the colors swirled together, and it makes a beautiful champagne color. I do have to say that this highlighter is quite pink when you swirl all the colors together. So if you’re not a fan of a pinkish highlight, this might not be for you.  I really like the formula of this highlighter, it’s very creamy and easy to blend. And, most importantly, it’s very shimmery! It’s quite an intense highlight I have to say.


Overall, I think this is an amazing highlighter, and I’ve been wearing it loads recently. It’s also perfect for summer, to give you that beautiful healthy glow. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition, so it might be difficult to still get your hands on this product.





  1. ahh i love the packaging!! the colors look so beautiful – especially to give paler skin a beautiful glow 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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