MAC Enchanted Eve Red Lip Bag #7DaysOfBlogmas ☆ Day 3

Hi everyone! In my last blogpost I already showed you one of the products I got from the MAC Holiday collection of this year. And today I’m going to show you one more product (well, actually three) of this collection, which is the MAC Enchanted Eve Red Lip Bag.


This lip bag contains three lip products: a lipstick, a lipglass and a lip pencil. And all of the products come in a beautiful little makeup bag.


All three products come in this makeup bag. I think this is a very pretty makeup bag. I really love the design of it. I didn’t expect too much from this makeup bag, because it’s more about the actual products than the bag, but I’m really surprised by the quality of it.


I decided to get the red lip bag, because I think it’s perfect for the Holiday season. But MAC also released a nude and a pink lip bag. The red lip bag contains:

Lipstick – Pretty Irresistible (Matte)

Lipglass – A Favorite Flame

Lip pencil – Beet


The three products together, create the perfect red lip. It is more of a pinkish red than an orange red. I’ve been wearing this combination so often recently. I don’t always use the lipglass on top, because sometimes that’s just a bit too much, and I like a matte red lip a bit better than a glossy one.


All three products are very pigmented, as you can see in these swatches. Even the lipglass is super pigmented, which I didn’t expect at all!

I’m really happy with this purchase. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of it. Especially the lipstick and lip pencil are products that I use on a regular basis at the moment. I use the lipgloss a bit less often. All in all, this lip bag contains some beautiful products. You also get an amazing value in this lip bag, normally you would pay way more for three MAC lip products.

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost. If you’re curious about what else I got from the MAC Holiday collection, you can always check out my last blogpost.

xoxo ~ ♡


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