MAC Colourdrenched Pigment #7DaysOfBlogmas ☆ Day 2

Hi everyone! Around Christmas time, so many brands come out with limited collections for the Holiday season, and so does MAC. This year they came out with the Enchanted Eve Collection. There are some amazing sets in this collection, and also some normal ‘single’ products. Every single year I buy at least one product from the MAC Holiday Collection, and I’m going to show you one of the products I got in this post. I also got one of the Lip Bags, and I will definitely share my thoughts on that too in a different blogpost.


I decided to get one of the colourdrenched pigments. The colourdrenched pigments are described as an innovative pressed pigment eye shadow in highly pearlized, glistening, creamy nudes.


Can we just talk about this packaging for a moment? Because I think it looks absolutely beautiful! This looks amazing in any makeup collection. I love it!


Onto the actual product. I got this product in the shade Night Thrill, which is a frosty golden shimmer. I decided to get this colour, because I think it’s the most wearable color out of all the colors. You can never go wrong with a golden shimmer!


Now I know a lot of people who bought this exact shade were very disappointed, because the formula is a bit less creamy than the formula of the other colors in this collection. And I understand why they say this. I have to admit, this colour has quit a bit of fall out, and the pigmentation isn’t amazing. It’s almost only shimmer, than a real eyeshadow. But, I can definitely make this product work. For example, it look beautiful in the inner corners of the eyes, or as a glitter on top of another eyeshadow.



Even though the formula is not the best ever, I still really enjoy this product. Whenever I’ve been having a party I use this on my eyelids and inner corners, and I really like it! It’s also a really nice color for the Christmas time. I feel like glitter is just essential this time of the year!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, and I hope you will have an amazing day!

xoxo ~ ♡


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