Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul #7DaysOfBlogmas ☆ Day 1

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to try out the Bath & Body Works products for such a long time, and I finally ordered some! We don’t have Bath & Body Works stores where I live, so it’s really hard to get your hands on Bath & Body Works products. But I finally have found this amazing site where I can order Bath & Body Works. I was so happy when I found out about this, so I just had to order some products!


Especially around Christmas time, Bath & Body Works come out with some amazing christmassy scents. I, as a christmas lover, obviously had to get a few of their new Christmas candles and other products. I decided to get two candles, a body lotion and a cute little hand sanitizer.


Spiced Apple Toddy – A sweet mixture of winter fruits, apple brandy and spiced plum will warm up all your winter celebrations. 

I love this candle so much. To me, this is THE perfect Christmas scent. It’s quit a spicy scent, but at the same time also very fresh.


Snowflakes and Spruce – Kick off the holiday party season with an outdoorsy blend inspired by snowcapped spruce, and sweetened by a touch of creamy vanilla.

I feel like this is a very exceptional and special scent. I’ve never really smelt something like this before, but let me tell you, it smells incredible. I’ve been wanting to try out a candle with an outdoorsy scent, but I just never really liked any of them too much. But this one is different, because of the touch of vanilla. This makes the scent a bit more sweet and musky, and makes it a very different scent.


Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion – A Christmas treat of fresh vanilla and sugar cookies, inspired by pure comfort and joy.  Key notes: Fresh Vanilla Bean, Warm Caramel, Sugar Cookies, Whipped Cream, Snowkissed Musk

I basically love anything sweet and vanilla scented, so I obviously had to get this Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion so I can drench my whole body in this amazing smell. I’m absolutely loving this body lotion! I’ve been using it every single day after getting out of the shower. I just love sweet musky scents like this in the winter time!


Santa-Tizer Sanitizing Hand Gel – The sweet scent of honeycrisp apples

How cute is this little hand sanitizer? Just look at it! I think it’s the cutest thing, and it smells really good too. Personally, I don’t find this a typical Christmas scent. Mostly because it’s just a very fresh apple scent. But despite the fact that it has a very fresh smell, it does smell amazing and look super cute!

I’m really happy with all of the products I got from Bath & Body Works, I love all of them! For me, these are the first products I ever got from Bath & Body Works. And I definitely see why everyone is always talking about their candles. The candles burn amazing! And everything smells so good!



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