Exciting Announcement ☆ #7DaysOfBlogmas

Hi everyone! As the title of this blogpost already says, I have a very exciting announcement for you guys today, and this has everything to do with Christmas! I love the Holiday season so much, so I was thinking about what I could do on my blog for the Holidays. Because the Holiday season is all about giving, I came up with this idea. The upcoming 7 days I’m going to post one blogpost every single day, so I can give something to you guys every single day from now on, up till Christmas. So it’s kind of like Blogmas, but I decided to just do it for 1 week so I’m sure that I will be able to post something every single day!


I really hope you will enjoy the #7DaysOfBlogmas. I’m really excited to be sharing things with you every day for one whole week, so I hope you’re excited as well! The posts that I will be posting are also mostly going to be Christmas related, because I feel like we should really enjoy this time of the year while we still can!

xoxo ~ ♡


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