Favorites Of The Moment ♡

Hi everyone! I always love reading blogposts or watching videos about favorites. I feel like they are really helpful, and they always give me some inspiration for new clothes or makeup I should buy. So today I’m going to share some of my favorites of the moment with you guys!


Recently, I’ve been loving bold red lips. So my first favorite is this lip combination from MAC. This lip pencil and lipstick are from the MAC Holiday Collection, and I’m planning on posting a little review on these and some more MAC Holiday Products on my blog next week, so keep an eye on that. I feel like the combination of these to products make the perfect red lip for the Holiday season!

MAC lipstick in Pretty Irresistible (Matte) & MAC lip pencil in Beet


I also have been absolutely loving highlighting and contouring a bit more heavy recently. In the winter time I just tend to go a bit heavier with my makeup anyways. I’ve just been loving the look of nicely sculpted cheekbones, and a beautiful highlight on the tops op the cheeks. And I’ve been loving these to products to do exactly that.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle 


Benefit Hoola Bronzer


The last two favorites are more fashion related than beauty. I haven’t shared too much on my blog related to fashion, because I feel like I’m more a beauty and makeup lover. But lately I’ve been putting a bit more effort into my outfits. So I’ve been loving these black ankle boots from Bershka. Whenever I want to look a bit more put together I just throw these on, and it makes any outfit look complete. I feel like ankle booties like these are a staple in any shoe collection.


Last but not least, I’ve been really enjoying mock neck or turtle neck sweaters. They are such a huge trend this winter! I love the look of them, they are very easy to wear and they also are really comfortable and warm. The sweater on the first picture of this blogpost is from H&M, and I’ve been wearing it like crazy.

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost! I am planning on doing more of these favorite posts, because whenever the seasons change, I normally start using and liking different products.

xoxo ~♡


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