My trip to Amsterdam ♥

Hi everyone! I love travelling, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I love seeing different places of the world, because I feel like no cities or places on the world are the same. I always get really inspired by seeing different cities, and being in a different environment then I’m used to. This is why me and my family like to take small trips to big cities to see more of the world.


Me and my mom decided to go on a trip to Amsterdam last week. We only stayed for two days in this beautiful city, but we had a great time. Even though Amsterdam is a city where I’ve been before and it’s in the country that I live in, it still felt like I was in a foreign country. Mostly because so much people in Amsterdam don’t speak Dutch, and of course there are a lot of tourists in Amsterdam.

We travelled by train, because this is the quickest way for us to get in Amsterdam. So we started the day off with a coffee from Starbucks at the train station. I got a caffe mocha, this is one of my favourite drinks from Starbucks.

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When we got in Amsterdam, the first thing we did was going to our hotel. We stayed in Hotel Weber, and I loved this hotel! It’s a small hotel, it only has 7 rooms. The rooms look beautiful and are really clean, which I appreciate a lot. The hotel is really near to the Leidseplein, where a lot of nice shops, restaurants and  cafes are located.

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After going to the hotel to check in, we went shopping. Amsterdam is an amazing city to go shopping. A few stores that I love in Amsterdam are: Brandy Melville, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Lush, Abercrombie and Fitch and Forever21.

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We also went to Dam square, of course!

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After walking around in Amsterdam for hours, and doing a lot of shopping we went to the Nutella store (yes, there is a Nutella store in Amsterdam!) to get this super delicious waffle with Nutella. I’m addicted to Nutella, it’s just so good, so of course I had to go and get something in the Nutella store.

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This evening we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Mexican food is one of my favourites! After dinner it was time for a dessert, so we went to the Ben and Jerry’s store to get ice cream. I got the cinnamon buns flavour, it was really good!

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The second day we went to the P.C Hooftstraat. This is one street with a lot of expensive stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Cartier etc. We didn’t buy anything here, but it was still nice to see.

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Then we went to see the Vondelpark, this is a really famous park in Amsterdam which attracts a lot of tourists.

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I went to Brandy Melville again for a second shopping session, they have really cute clothes!

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And the shopping didn’t stop yet, of course I had to get something from Abercrombie & Fitch. And oh my god, this store smells AMAZING! I literally could stay there for a really long time just because of the amazing smell.

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We saw such a cool performance of a group at Dam Square, they did some really good dancing and made their own music.

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All in all, it was an amazing trip! Me and my mom laughed a lot and had a lot of fun together. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and I miss it already. I hope to go back anytime soon!






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