My Favourite Youtubers ♥

Hi everyone! I’m obsessed with watching youtube video’s, I could watch them all day long. I really like beauty and fashion related video’s, and I love to watch vlogs! So I thought I would share my favourite youtubers with you.

Tara Michelle

Processed with VSCOcam

Tara is one of my absolute favourite youtubers. She has two channels: a vlog channel and a beauty/fashion channel. She posts daily vlogs of her doing her thing in Los Angeles. Because of her vlogs I really want to go to Los Angeles, it looks so beautiful there! I especially love her vlogs, because I love her personality. I also really would like to make youtube video’s because of her video’s, but I’m too scared to actually make them. Tara inspires me a lot, and I just LOVE her video’s!

Aspyn Ovard

Processed with VSCOcam

I’ve been watching Aspyn’s video’s for a really long time, and I love them. Aspyn is a beauty guru, but she also has a vlog channel. She always comes up with really creative video’s and her editing of the video’s is just perfect. I love her style, she always has the cutest clothes and her hair is so pretty!

Alisha Marie

Processed with VSCOcam

Alisha is also a beauty guru, but I particularly love her vlogs. She has a vlog channel on which she posts daily vlogs of her life in California. I love her personality, she always looks so happy and that makes me happy. I watch her vlogs every single day!



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